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The concrate vibrator now is perhaps the most essential product required for making a strong structure. the primary use of this product is to remove air bubbles and set the concrate so as to maximize the strength of the structure this is achieved by submerging the vibrator needle in the concrate slurry a result the concrate slurry surrounding the needle vibrates removing the air bubbles and setting the concrate .

Product Details :


Needle (Pocker) Type

Vibrating Needle

Two standard sizes of 40mm & 60mm diameter are manufactured. they are interchangeable & can be fitted to the same flexible shaft 20mm dia. Needles are also manufactured.

Flexible Shaft

One standard length OF6 meters is available. It has an outer of reinforced rubber & a steel inner core of high strength.

Prime Movers

VIJAY VILLERS MK 12 1.67HP 4 Stroke Petrol /Kerosene engine or single phase/Three phase 2HP Electric motor.

Weight in kg. app.