Screed Board Vibrators > Single Screed Board Vibrator

Product Details :

Frequency of vibration
4000 vibrations per minute.

2.2 mm approx.

The vibrating unit is mounted in the centre of Wooden Screed-Board of 8'*3' section and of required length as per the width of the surface to be vibrated. The two shock absorbing handles are fixed on each end of the screed board. The screed board is now put on the two channels on either side of the slab and pushed & slide on it by means of handles while the concrete is poured in front of it. The Screed-board not only vibrates the concrete, but also smoothens the surface. The Screed vibrator is capable of vibrating 15-20 ft. wide surface and its vibration is effective for 10' dept. under favorable conditions.

This vibrator can finish more than what 4 batches of 10/7 mixers can products and will do this work continuously.