Testing Equipments > CUBE TESTING MACHINE 100 ton hydraulic

This light weight machine is designed for portability, operating convenience and accuracy. It is a compact and self contained unit, ideally suited for mobile and field laboratories.

Product Details :


100 tons, specimens upto 15 cms cubes and 15*30 cm high cylinder can be tested.


Load measurement is done by a 30 cms dial bourden tube tyre hydraulic  pressure gauge caliberated in 100 divisions, fitted with a maximum pointer

Hydraulic system

The hydraulic jack is a precision machine. The piston and cylinder are grounded and lapped to fine tolerances.The main piston of the hydraulic has a maximum travel of 5cms.


The lower platon can be centrally located on the base and has connecentric grooves for centering the specimens. The upper platon is mounted on a swivel arrangement for self aligning action.


The pump is fitted integral on the testing machine along with oil resevoir, hand operated pump is of 2 speed concentric piston type.


In the early stages of operation when faster lower platon movement is required to develop the initial load, the pump develops the desired load rapidly. During the continuation of the test the pump  automatically shifts to a slow speed, higher pressure operation.