Winches > Winch Tower Hoist One Ton Capacity

Product Details :


It has a gross lifting capacity of 1000 Kgs. (One metric ton) at the speed of 110 feet per minutes. The net safe load is 400 Kgs. net


It is a friction type winch two flanges are provided on the rope drum to receive motion from continuous rotating friction roller shaft. Winch provided with brake liners mounted on brake shoes for shopping the hoisting skip in any position on the towers. A suitable length of wire rope is provided with the winch depending upon the height of towers.


Fabricated from mild steel angles and are in length of 16ft. and 8 ft. the tower ends are designed for easy and quick erection by means of fish plates. The erection is easy and convenient to give the skip a smooth motion without jerks.

Safety Carriage, Safety Charge and skip

The tilting skip is fabricated from steel sheet and is suitable welded with steel pipes for sturdiness. It is mounted on a skip carrier and can be tilted either ways for discharge and has a capacity of 200ltr. (7cft mixed) concrete.

Frame and Chasses

Rigid all steel construction.


Roller chain - sprocket

Powered by

Air cooled diesel engine / Electric motor


M.S. Roads Wheel-Pneumatic type.