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The 10/7 Concrete mixer hand feed type machine is popular in small Construction work due to its cost effectiveness, durability & steadiness. Gunmetal business and ball bearings are used for smooth operation. This mixer works on 6 HP Air-cooled diesel engines or 5 H.P. electric motor with starter. This machine also has an option of being fitted on four pnuematic tyres, the engine transmission can also be driven through chains and sprockets, and Motor & Engine cabin can also be provided.

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Product Details :

Capacity unmixed in litres/cft 280/10
Capacity unmixed in litres/cft 200/7
Drum Speed R.P.M 20/22
Thickness of Drum Cone in mm 3.15
Drum Cone and Mixing Blade Individually Renewable
Size of Drum Opening In mm 500
Drum Cast Iron G.M. bushes fitted centrally & balanced by flaps
Frame and Chassis Rigid all steel construction
Discharge height in mm 500
Transmission Roller chain
Powered by 6 Bhp air cooled water , cooled diesel engine or electric motor and starter
Pnuematic wheel 500*19
Approx. weight of basic machine in kg 1250