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Product Details :

Model : Mini Lift for 500 Kgs Gross 400 Kgs Net
Height : 125 Mtrs
Boom : Fabricated having 69 inches Length and horizontal clearance of 4 ft boom swings at 0 to 360 degrees for unloading the material on slab
Powered by : 5 HP three phase motor
Bucket : Bucket can be detached
Other : Counter weight provision for erecting on slab and bolting provision for column clamping. Hand remote provided for easy operation for upward & downward motion. Limit switch provided on Top for automatic cut off on upward side.
Speed : 11/12 Mtrs per unit
Gear Train : Own Make
Brake : Emco Precima Failsafe model FDB-15
Brake Voltage : 190 VDC
Wire Rope : 8mm 6 x 19 Construction FMC Core
Wire Rope Length: 125 Mtrs
Purpose: Multifunctional purpose for carrying material like stone, sand, bricks cement, debris unit fitted either on the terrace or within the slab