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Special Features of Sham Bar Bending Machines
  1. Specially designed Planetray Geared Motor which reduces space & weight
  2. Use fo Planetary Geared Motor avoid Belt & pulley system and so adjustment of the belts
  3. Electric braking system for efficient working of machine
  4. Control Panel with standard electrical components (schneider/Telemechanique make)
  5. Direction of rotation is controlled by control panel. Motor rotates in the desired direction only or it does not start. This prevents possible accidents while working
  6. Dust Cover is provided belwo bending plate to avoid damage to oil seal & bearing due to iron dust
  7. Bending plate, adjusting blocks & checking Block for Rings are made from Special alloy steel and hardened for longer working life
  8. Hardened & Ground Pins & bushes
  9. Swivelling wheels for easy movement of machine