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Sham’s one and half bag concrete mixer is popular amongst larger construction companies as output capacity of this machine is higher. This machine is suitable for M30-M45 Mix of concrete since the drum at bucket is of larger dimension the mix quality is better than its otherwise variant the 10/7 concrete mixer. The round bottom of the drum prevents from concrete balls being formed during mixer. Also the loader bucket is angles at a higher degree hence the material slides into the drum without a shaking arrangement, hence improves the durability of the machine. The machine is made from heavy duty angles and channels so the strength and durability is assured.

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Product Details :

Capacity unmixed in litres/cft 336/12
Capacity Mixed in litres/cft 252/9
Drum Speed R.P.M. 22/24
Thickness Of Drum Cone in mm 3.15
Drum Cone & Mixing blade  Individually renewable
Size of Drum opening In mm. 570
Drum Cast Iron G.M. Bush Fitted Centrally
Yoke Fabricated Yoke with G.M. Bush
Max. capacity input for loader bucket in lt/kg 336/480
Frame and Chassis Rigid all steel construction
Discharge height in mm 750
Transmission Roller Chain
Powered by 7.5 Hp 960 Rpm Electric motor or 6 H.p air cooled diesel engine
Pnuematic wheel 600*16
Approx weight of basic machine in kg 2000