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Sham Enterprises presents “High Rise Winch Tower Hoist” with a gross lifting capacity of 1.5 tones. This machine has proved itself to be very useful in high rise towers. It saves time on tower crane use while being much cheaper than tower crane now employed. The tower hoist thus frees the crane for other important use. The machine scaffolding is made from channels instead of angles, this strengthens the must structure and prevents it from swaying even after reaching a substantial height. In this system the carriage remains stable as it glides through the channel framework being supported at the top and the bottom on all four sides. The machine has a reverse forward switch that enables control of the safety carriage. The tired and tested Sham’s “High Rise Winch Tower Hoist” is being used successfully at many construction sites, it has far been use dup to an elevation at about 450 feet. The machine however is capable of greater heights.

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Product Details :

Box Towers Towers fabricated from 4x2 channels, Box size 5ft x 3ft Angles 40x40x6 given as cross bracing and horizontal support 50x50x6 Total height of each tower box is 10ft. The towers are completely erected by nut bolt system.
Powered Powered by 20HP 960 Electric Brake Motor make of ISO certification and Reverse Forward Starter. Motor being coupled with Elecon worm reduction gear box of 1/15 ratio.
Wire Rope 12 mm dia Steel Wire Rope having braking load capacity of 7.5 M. Ton (Usha Martin)
Carriage Fabricated from 100mmx50mm M.S. channel & 12mm M.S. plate, and Tipping Skip fabricated from 1/8” thick M.S. Plate 3/4” M.S. Pipes.
Chassis Heavy duty chassis mainly fabricated from 6x3xm.S. Channel
Cabin Motor cabin fabricated 16 Gauge M.S. Sheet & M.S. Angles
Others A complete unit shall have bearings and G.M bushes fitted in all standard materials.