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The machine is very compact & handy. Hence gives better operating service. It is easier to carry the machine at various floors due to its light weight body. This machine is powered by 2h.p. electric motor or can also be used manually.

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Product Details :

5/3.5 H.F. (Hand Feed) 100 lit. Concrete Mixer
Capacity unmixed in Litres/Cft 180/5
Capacity Mixed in Liters/Cft 100/3.5
Drum Speed R.P.M. 14/16
Thickness Of Drum Cone In mm 3.15
Drum Cone And  Mixing Blade Individually Renewable
Size of Drum Opening in mm 350
Drum Prepared From Mild Steel Balance On Heavy Duty Housing & Rotates On a Fixed Shaft With Double Ball Bearing
Frame And Chassis Rigid All Steel Construction
Transmission 'V' Belt & Pulley
Powered by Hand Driven / Electric Motor
Steel wheel in mm. 300-50
Approx weight of basic machine in kg 160